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Dispute Resolution in Accordance with Halacha.
About the Bais Din

Beth Din Tzedek U’Mishpat (lit. Righteous and Justice) was established by a group of noted well-respected Rabbanim, with the support of several philanthropic businessman, who realized the vital need to develop a viable and upright alternative for Jewish dispute resolution…more
The Bais Din arbitrates disputes involving any area of financial litigation. Cases include partnerships, employment, landlord-tenant, real estate, inheritance, contracts, as well as any other financial matter.

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The Bais Din adjudicates matrimonial and familial disputes confidentially and with extreme sensitivity. In the event of a divorce the Beis Din will deal with obtaining and executing the actual Get as well as ruling on issues involving property division, custody, visitation rights and other matters related to the divorce.
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The Bais Din determines official status regarding birth, death, marriage, conversions, and Inyanei Yuchsin (genealogical lineage). The Beis Din will issue the appropriate Halachic certificates to those in need of documentation.

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